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Age and certain beverages are both players in staining and darkening teeth. However, you can bring the “white” back into your “pearly whites” by using a teeth whitening remedy. Whether it is a quick procedure done by your dentist or a tray-based option done at home, you can have white, shinning teeth once again.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is the simplest option; however, it will only lighten your teeth one shade since it can’t go any deeper than the tooth surface. Whitening toothpaste polishes your teeth using abrasives and breaks down stains with chemicals.

Whitening Strips

All of the following remedies use peroxide as a bleach substitute. Peroxide deals with stains on the surface of the tooth and deeper. Whitening strips are thin, nearly invisible, and coated with a peroxide gel.

Whitening Gel

This too has a gel containing peroxide. However, this option is applied to the teeth using a brush.

Tray-Based Procedure

This procedure uses a mouth guard filled with a peroxide gel. Store bought versions of this whitener come with a “one size fits all” mouth guard that can result in gum irritation. But if you buy a tray-based solution from your dentist, they may make a custom-fitted mouth guard for you to use.

Chairside Bleaching

This remedy is done in your dentist’s office. While the previous procedures take several weeks, this one takes one trip, has longer-lasting effects, and can whiten your smile even more. Your dentist protects your gums with a shield and their peroxide gel is more potent and is enhanced with the use of a laser or special light.